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The BEST Kept Secret

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The BEST Kept Secret in the Church today. The Story Behind the Most Successful Leadership Training Program

Jimmy Sites and his daughter Christin joined to produce this nationally televised documentary for the 40th anniversary of the Lads to Leaders Convention. This amazing story showcases how one man - Dr. Jack Zorn - built his dream into reality. The outcome is over 20,000 children annually participating in what arguably may be the best leadership training program in the country for young people. And it is all faith- based on built upon the principles of God's word. If you are interested in learning how to raise your own children or powerfully influence your grandchildren to be leaders, this is a great resource. If you want to improve your churches outreach to young people, or learn how to be a better leader of young people, this DVD will give you many great suggestions. If you think our country is going to the dogs, and that there is no hope for our future, you need to watch this documentary! You will find yourself greatly encouraged if you do.

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