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Season 15 DVD Set

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Season 15 of the award-winning TV series Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites consists of 13 episodes that lead you on many unique adventures, much different from what you normally see on outdoor programming. Several episodes focus on hunting whitetails on public land, and you will be amazed at the bucks that are hanging out there! From bull elk to bass to birds to beasts in Africa, these episodes showcase adventures in regions such as Cape Cod, where Jimmy and friends go after sea ducks in the nasty ocean weather in Canada makes it mark with an episode showcasing a family's deep legacy of fishing and togetherness generation after generation. And there's the marriage tournament between Jimmy and Amanda, a truly hilarious look at how to stay married for over 30 years. From Alberta whitetails to an incredible adventure-packed episode on the Big Island of Hawaii (yes, you can hunt there!), this season contains the most diverse thirteen episodes in the 15-year history of SOA! Gather you family and friends and enjoy!


  • Jimmy Draws and Elk Tag
  • Snake River Bulls
  • Bows, Bucks and Kansas: Part 1


  • Bows, Bucks and Kansas: Part 2
  • Sea Ducks of Cape Cod
  • The Marriage Tournament


  • Public Land Whitetail
  • Hunting Close to Home
  • A Legacy to Live By


  • Hunting the Big Island of Hawaii
  • Alberta  Bucks in the Snow
  • A Trijicon Turkey for Lynn
  • Adventures in Africa: In the Footsteps of Cecil John Rhodes

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites is an award-winning national and international television series, and is one of the longest running outdoor series. SOA has aired on Dish Network, DirecTV, Pursuit Channel, Sportsman Channel, Hunt Channel, Family Net, Sky Angel, NRB Network, Blue Highways and syndication. It is one of the highest rated and most widely watched outdoor television shows in the USA, and is a popular show in Russia and Ecuador. Thousands of churches and men's groups also use the episodes and accompanying study guides as weekly curriculum. Visit 

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