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Season 12 of the award-winning TV series Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites consists of 13 exciting episodes that lead you on adventures ranging as far north as Saskatchewan, Canada and as far south as the Island of New Zealand. Lots of interesting characters show up in this season, including race car driver John Andretti, Special Forces sniper and Silver Star recipient Tim Stamey, award-winning singers Sonya and Becky Isaacs, and a senior lady named Wanda who seeks to harvest her first whitetail buck. You will be lead on a African safari by a Zulu tracker that is a direct descendant of Shaka Zulu, watch how a bear reacts when gum is dropped on his head, and visit the movie set of Hobbits from Lord of the Rings. Oh, and the hunting and fishing is simply amazing! <br />Enjoy these thirteen episodes for the entire family.

Season 12 DVD

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