"If someone forces you to go one mile, go two miles." (in other words, "Do whatever is expected of you...AND THEN SOME") - Jesus in Matthew 5:41

What is Evil?

We live in an era that has been strongly influenced by secular humanism – a belief that human beings are capable of being ethical and moral without religion or a god. Secular humanism claims that we should continually adapt as we search for truth, and that search should take place primarily through science and philosophy. Each individual is responsible for examining his or her own belief system, which should not be accepted or rejected solely on faith. Whatever the conclusion is in one’s own mind, that is what is right and must be followed.

If this is correct and one continues to follow this line of reasoning, then what is evil may not really be evil, or what is not evil may really be evil. It all depends on how a person is looking at it. One person may look at a radical Islamist that is killing Christians and say, “That person is a terrorist,” while another person may conclude that the radical Islamist is “one of Allah’s mighty warriors cleansing evil from the earth.” It’s simply a matter of perspective, if you are a secular humanist. Therefore, you follow a belief system that ultimately dictates that you have to allow others to act in the way that they believe is right, no matter the outcome. That philosophy in and of itself is the very definition of evil. It throws out a universal moral compass, something that all of society could look at and accurately measure what is right and what is wrong.

The fix to the problem is to turn back to God’s word as the moral compass for our nation and for the world. How do I do this? Here are 7 action steps:

  1. Start with me. Get in God’s words every day and really study it. Read through the entire Bible in one year. (There is a suggested daily reading schedule on this web site that will get you through the Word in one year).
  2. Seek to know God, not just know about God. Open my heart and mind to God not only by reading His word, but also by praying to Him after reading His word. Spend some time each day reflecting on what I have read.
  3. Lead my family in a daily devotion and reading from God’s word, in the same way that I feed my family physical food or watch TV together every day.
  4. Give Bibles to friends as gifts, and have some always available to give to strangers as well. Spread the Word like seeds being planted.
  5. Be part of and support a Bible-based church where the teaching and preaching comes from the Bible rather than from self-help literature.
  6. Be lovingly and peacefully vocal in standing up for Biblically-based morals, ethics, and standards, and in standing against the things that point away from the Biblical compass.
  7. Support and vote for politicians that are most closely following the Biblical compass. Be involved in a positive revolution to reclaim America’s roots of “In God we trust.”
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