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God has worked through individuals, companies, and churches who partner with us to distribute “Heart of the Outdoors” Bibles and spiritual resources (books, DVDs, etc.).  This support team has enabled the distribution of these resources to over 130,000 people, with the shipping and handling costs covered for 75% of them.  As a ministry we do not like turning anyone away, and we have come close to “giving away the farm.”  If we do that, there will be no crop left for the future.  Therefore, our Board of Directors has suggested that we ask each individual requesting a Bible to consider paying only the cost of the Bible ($5) and then help out with the shipping and handling if possible.  If they can’t, we cover the cost of the Bible plus shipping and handling.  Our cost every time a viewer calls in to request a Bible is over $9.  If you would like to receive a Bible, we want to facilitate that for you.  Let us know how you want us to handle it:  (1) purchase a Bible & pay shipping, (2) purchase a Bible but not pay shipping, (3) get a free Bible but pay shipping, (4) get a free Bible and not pay shipping.

We make no profit from these transactions. We simply want to spread the Good News of God’s Word to as many as possible. If you cannot afford a Bible, and/or shipping and handling, we will send one to you anyway in an act of faith that someone else will step up and sponsor that Bible on your behalf - because they love you.  And this is a very COOL Bible!